Important Milestones in the history of the Montessori school of St.Bridget’s Convent

1946 – Commenced on 7th June, in the Nursing home of Dr. A. Ratnam which was located at the end of the school garden in Torrington place. This was later handed over to St.Bridget’s Convent.

1963 – Taking over of the building where Montessori classes had been conducted by Mother Good Counsel in order to have an Infirmary for the entire province in the premises of St. Bridget’s Convent, Colombo.

1963 –  In the month of January, the Montessori started afresh in the new buildings, at No.  181, Turret Road, Colombo 7.

1963  -  Celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Sr. M. of Augustine on 8th February.-  October 6th : as mentioned in the annuls, “Hall was parked with past pupils with a good sprinkling of old Boys whom Sr. M. of St. Chantal had taught.   

1966  -  The new Montessori block was used for the First time in the month of January.

The building was and still is unique in its style  -  open, spacious and modern. 

The planning and execution of the work was carried out by the renowned Architect Geoffrey Bawa.

Principals who had been in charge of the Montessori House of Children

The First Principal Sr. M. of Our Lady
1945 -1952 Rev. Sr. M. of Our Lady  
1953 -1970 Rev. Sr. M. Bridget 
1970 -1972 Rev. Sr. M. Stanislaus
1973 Rev. Sr. M. of Our Lady
1974 Rev. Sr. M. Magdelene Fernando
1978 Rev. Sr. M. Solange Fernando
1980 Rev. Sr. M. Marie Anne
1984 Mrs. Celia Fernando
1985- 1992 Rev. Sr. Lourdes Paiva
1992 -1999 Rev. Sr. Shanthi Fernando
1992 -1999 Rev. Sr. Shanthi Fernando
2000 – 2007 Rev. Sr. Therisita Weragoda
2007 upto date Rev. Sr. Remona Nugara

Montessori School Today

In year 2007 April, Rev. Sr. Remona Nugara took charge of the Montessori House of Children, then having 365 children on roll.

The Academic staff

The academic staff of the Montessori school is made up of 15 AMI qualified teachers who are dedicated and committed towards the noble work introduced by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Standing – 1st Row – ( L to R ) :

Ms Nilmini Fernando, Mrs. Shiranga Lord, Ms Surangani Jayatilaka, Mrs. Fatima Ranasinghe, Sr. Remona Nugara(Principal of Montessori school), Mrs. Chrishanthi Dantanarayana, Mrs. Rohini  Joseph, Mrs. Michelle Peiris, Mrs. Nilmini  Dias,

Standing – 2nd  Row – ( L to R ) :

Mrs. Nilmini  Perera, Ms Madhu Warnakulasuriya, Ms Shayama  Peiris , Ms Thilini  Fernando, Mrs. Rangika Leanage, Mrs. Joyce Dissanayake, Mrs. Jacintha Nawalage


Changes which has taken place in the Montessori school since year 2007

The entrance to the Montessori House of Children was renovated in September, year 2008.
A new office was built in January 2009, to provide a more convenient and efficient environment for administrative work and for the parents to meet with the principal.

The number of students decreased towards the end of year 2008 as a result of the Government being particular about the space required for each Classroom. The Montessori school is having 326 children on roll at present.


  • Applications are given out in the Month of May – Dates will be notified.
  • Selections are made by the Board of Admissions.
  • Application forms will be given only to the Parents of the child.
  • Age – The Child should be between 2 – 3 years



An extract from a note by Dr. Maria Montessori


When you are given great joy, go to the
Child and let him share it
When you suffer a great sorrow, go to the
Child and let him console you.
When you are in pain, let the child heal you.
When you are about to start a great enterprise,
Ask the child to lead you.
When you feel full of courage, devote it to the
Child   so that he may guide you.
When you find a great treasure, place it at
The feet of the child that he may preserve it.
When you are in doubt and have little faith,
Go to the child that he may enlighten and strengthen you.
When you are afraid, ask the child for courage.

Wherever you are, whatever you do,
whenever you think,  Let the child be with you.